Advancing the Understanding of Death, Dying and Bereavement

The New York State Tribute Foundation awards grants to support projects, research and education. Below you will find information on the purpose of our grant and scholarship programs and details on how to apply.

To achieve greatest impact with limited resources, our Board of Directors has identified several priority funding areas that guide our funding decisions. These projects can take many different forms: lecture series, research programs, conferences, educational programs or materials and professional scholarships. The NYS Tribute Foundation is engaged in programs and initiatives that focus on three core principles:


Consumer education and outreach programs working to raise public awareness regarding death, dying and bereavement. Research grants may include scientific, cultural, anthropological, epidemiological and environmental research programs that relate to and advance general understanding of death, dying, bereavement and the changing professional and societal approaches to end-of-life.


The NYS Tribute Foundation seeks to support agencies and organizations whose mission includes activities that significantly enhance the understanding of death, dying and bereavement.


Scholarships will be made with the goal of increasing the number of new funeral service professionals and encouraging previously licensed funeral directors to return to the profession. Scholarships will also be offered to help pay for ongoing professional education.

Grants will also be considered to encourage development of state-of-the-art educational programming and best practice curricula that can be offered to allied professionals in related human service fields.

The NYS Tribute Foundation gives highest priority to projects that are consistent with our organization’s overall guiding principles:

  • To foster a renewed and modern interest in scientific and educational programs for better understanding of death, dying and bereavement
  • To aid in the development of new and existing agencies and institutions that provide progressive educational activities and scientific programs
  • To aid in the study and the promotion of highest ethical practices within the funeral service profession
  • To encourage and assist qualified candidates who aspire to a career in funeral service
  • To encourage and support research and scholarly activities that help to advance the understanding of death, dying and bereavement
  • To foster collaboration and community-based partnerships between institutions, industry and government to enable the sharing of people, ideas and tools for both policy planning and times of crisis

The NYS Tribute Foundation provides support for the following types of grants:

Program Grants: Program grants support operational costs needed to underwrite specific programs or projects. Eligible programs may include (but are not limited to) publications, conferences, seminars, educational material development, or curriculum development.

Scholarships: Professional scholarships will be provided for individuals who aspire to careers in funeral service. These scholarships can be utilized for both college-level courses and ongoing professional development.

Seed Money: Seed money grants are provided to help new organizations get started. Organizations that will qualify for seed money grants must fall under the funding priorities developed by the NYS Tribute Foundation.

Research: Research grants are provided to cover the costs of investigations and clinical trials, including demonstration and pilot projects that specifically relate to, or advance the goals and objectives of the Foundation.

NYS Tribute Foundation grants range from $500 to $15,000. The Foundation will occasionally consider multi-year requests for funding of project costs, technical assistance, and collaborative activities that significantly enhance the understanding of death, dying and bereavement.

Grants that do not fall into the above noted funding priorities may also be considered at the discretion of the NYS Tribute Foundation Board of Directors. The Foundation does not provide support for dinners, dances, advertising, fundraising contests, raffles, booster clubs, endowments, capital campaigns, deficit financing, deficit financing, loans or political organizations.

New York State Tribute Foundation is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Individual contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
All contributors will be recognized as part of the Tribute Foundation’s donor recognition program.